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Hello. Haven't had internet for soooo long, and we have been sooo many wonderful places and done sooo many wonderful things since I last wrote. We really enjoyed Vermont in all her splendor. We got to go on a tour of Ben and Jerry's, and got a taste of their new Banana Rum ice cream. But I liked New Hamshire the best. The colors were spectacular, although the pictures attached don't really do them justice. We spent like three days and nights looking for the moose they have been warning us about since Vermont, but didn't see nary a one! I think they make the stuff up about moose just for the tourists, is my opinion...Anyway, we stayed at a very nice campground in NH, and people were very friendly there. In Vermont people kept a litle more to themselves. Personally, I would have stayed and lived in NH it was so awesome, but they get about five feet of snow in the winter and you can freeze to death if you don't know how to survive there. So I decided I would rather be in a warmer place, and so, we moved on to Maine and stayed the first night in Bangor. We really didn't care for the city very much, but the campsite, the Pumpkin Patch was nice, and we took the opportunity to catch up on the ordinary and we did our laundry that night. It rained that night for a while, which was great because the humidity deminished some. Not used to that Humidity, and it can really wear you out if you aren't aclimated to it.

Next day we drove Trenton, Maine and stayed in a huge RV park, Timberland, not far from Bar Harbor, Bass Harbor, and Acadia National Park. First day it was really foggy and overcast, so we went to Bar Harbor to do our tourist thing and purchase postcards, tee-shirts, and our magnets for the fridge. (We collect magnets from all of the places we enjoy along the way. I figure we willhave to purchase a new, way bigger fridge by the time we get home to Oregon!)It was so foggy we couldn't see the harbor much, but had fun anyway. Lovely place, but very touristy.

Next day it was foggy also, so we went to Bass Harbor and ate lunch a the Tan Turtle. I had the seafood chowder that was chuck full of everything left over in the kitchen I think, but good. We did the shopping thing again, and looked at the art galleries.

Next day beautiful, sunny and warm, so we went to Acadia National Park and climbed Cadillac Mountain. Supposidly, the highest mountain on the eastern coast at 1530 feet! Good hike and worth the wonderful view at the top. Met two gals from Louisiana who were really great. They were traveling with their husbands in their individual trailers, with one of them just having become "full-timers". One of the gals explained she was raised on a farm and did a darn good imitation of a rooster crowing for all of us!!!!

Before we left Maine we went to Freeport and Brunswick and to the home of LL Bean. We also saw a wonderful exhibit of raptors - hawks, eagles, and owls. The Bald eagle was named Uncle Sam...what else?

Oh. We went out for dinner and I had to have a Maine Lobster, right? Did the whole thing up right - bib, little tools to break the shells, etc. Tasted good, but got it out of my system. Dick ordered Haddock, that was still swimmining on the plate, and was frankly, sickening. Oh. well. It's the experience. Met a most remarkable couple from England. She was from New Jersey and met her husband on-line. He works for an international company as a graphic designer in England. They got married and she moved overseas, and has the most unusual accent!!! We hit it off and will be e-mailing hopefully from now on. Maybe one day we will make it over there to visit.

Which brings us to today. We arrived in Littleton, Massachusetts this afternoon and we are staying at the Boston Minuteman Campground. Got all hooked up and headed to Concord to see the site of "The Shot Heard Around The World". What an amazing feeling standing on the ground where our country began it's fight for freedom and the battle with the British began. Guys, the homes in this area are to unreal to describe. We're talking hundreds of years old, and if you have less than three floors and 6500 square feet, you are a peasant, really! Beautiful. Dick and I have come to the conclusion that there are a bunch of people in this world with a bunch more money then us! But I wouldn't trade my life for theirs, by golly!!!! Oh, before I forget, Kay, we went to Louisa May Alcotts family home where she wrote Little Women in 1868. Wonderful.

Tomorrow we head out early and will take the subway to Boston and walk the "Freedom Trail" to as many of the historical sites we can take in in one day. I am so jazzed! have wi-fi at our site, and will write tomorrow night, if I am not to exhausted from our day in the Big City! Love hearing from you all.

Love, Barb and Dick

P.S. That is a cruise ship in the background behind Dick, who is posing on Cadillac Mountain. Met a couple from Wales who were ashore for the day. Really nice. Dick's family are from Wales, so we had a nice chat.

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