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USS Constitution

Sunset from Cape Cod Over the Atlantic Ocean

Hi all.

We woke up early and drove forty minutes to the train station, and then an hour on the train, to Boston and the Freedom Walk. Hey! Went to Paul Revere's house, and the church where they put the lanterns for, "one if by land, and two if by sea", we read about in school. Went to Paul's gravesite and saw the graves of so many famous people. Amazing. We climbed 294 steps up the Bunker Hill Memorial (what a schlep), and enjoyed all the wonderful history Boston has to offer. Oh, we took a tour of the USS Constitution, which was built in the 1700's and is the oldest Commissioned Combat Ship in the US Navy. They still take her out to sea about seven times each year. Had to go through a security check to get in; empty our pockets, Dick had to take his belt off, etc. and go through the x-ray machine to get onto the grounds. The Sailor who gave the tour was a woman, 23 years old, who had been in the Navy for five years, and was from BAYSIDE, QUEENS. My sister lives there, and it is not far from where I grew up, in Queens Village, NY. I think she is the only other Yankee fan I have met on the trip, besides myself. Boy, do they hate the Yankees, from Vermont, New Hampshire, and of cause they are ALL Redsocks fans, especially in Mass.!!!!! Ya gotta be really brave to wear a yankees hat around these parts. But soon I will be in NY, and I am buying a t-shirt, and maybe even a hat, with the logo on it! Pooey on them all, I say! (I haven't said a word about being a fan though. To chicken).

Ate dinner in "Little Italy". You don't know how good you have it in Oregon until you order an entree and it comes with NOTHING. No bread, no vegetable, no salad, no NOTHING. We had to buy a serving of bread separately, and nothing else came with dinner. Amazing. Things are so much more expensive on the east coast. And people are rushing, rushing, rushing. Like, when they post a speed limit I am sure it is just a SUGGESTION, cause no one but us drives the speed limit.

Took the train back to the station and thankfully the car was still parked there and wasn't broken into. It was so fun watching the people on the train - the way they dress - the way there is no eye contact. Everyone has an IPOD with earplugs, and a backpack. Doesn't matter how old you are, you have a backpack it seems.

Our next stop was Cape Cod, Mass. We actually stayed in a campground nearby. Our first day wasn't much fun. We drove around looking for the Kennedy Compound and all of the highlights recommended in the brochures, but couldn't find anything. Interestingly, it appears that in the east they have a habit of putting all of the directive signs behind tree trunks and branches; or they will put a telephone poll in front of a sign, making it really hard to get around. Have to be real quick or you'll miss your turn!!! We tried to go to Martha's Vineyard, but it was $75 one way to take the car on the ferry, and to late in the day to really go over ourselves without the car - rent a bike - or take a bus - before it got dark. So we bagged it. Instead we went to a little town called Woodshole. We went to the little aquarium there and then to a store where i bought the perfect t-shirt for me. It says, " Official Member of the Piss and Moan about Everything Club". Nice to be able to laugh at yourself,huH?

In Maine and in Massachusetts there are very few public beaches. They are owned by rich people who have trees and bushes blocking the water, and frankly, it was very disapointing. On our second day drove out on the Cape towards Province Town. That was better. We stopped at the little towns on the way, and ended up at the tip of the Cape where I got to run in the ATLANTIC Ocean, which was pretty warm, and sooo fun! Being on the other end of the world!!! There was an incredible sunset (see picture attached). This is the only place in the United States where you can actually see the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. It was a great experience finaly being able to see the east coast after being denied for so long in Maine and many other places on our trip down the coast in Mass.

We are now in Rhode Island, which is a lovely state. It is Columbus Weekend and it was very difficult finding a place to stay. The days have been very warm and humid, with fog int he morning, clearing as the day progresses. We found a campground that could accomodate our 38 ft. RV, "Oak Embers", "A Friendly Place". Turns out to be our first really bad site. Kids everywhere screaming and shouting; tonight a big RV Club Group are having some kind of loud party with music and noise and it sucks. But this park has an 11 o'clock curfew, so hopefully things will settle down by then.

Yesterday afternoon after arriving in RI we went into Wickford and explored the surrounding area. Today, we went to Jamestown and Newport. Both really crowded. REALLY crowded. Three day weekend, sunshine, and Octoberfest. We ended up having a good time anyway by going on the Cliff Walk along the shore. About 7 miles round trip. The path goes by the famous mansions there. They are to unbelievable to explain. HUGE, like castles, on the coast. Amazing.

Tomorrow we will head over the state line to Conneticut. Rhode Island is so small you can drive accross it in an hour. Conneticut is just a short drive from where we are staying,in West Greenwich. Will write again.

We will be in NY on Monday. THAT should be something to write about. Having a great time - miss and love Oregon, and all of you.

Barb, and Dick

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