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This is ruins at Hue i think!!

I bet you never knew but Mick is a huge celebrity in...

Pottery Lady in Nam.

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the lack of emails etc. We are in Vietnam and the internet is so slow it drives you insane.

So after we got to Hoi An we payed 10USD for a lovely little seamstress to handmake Kirsty a pair of quick dry shorts. The standard is excellent and we would recommend the place to anyone.

We spent a few days touring around the city and the nights getting drunk.

My flahbacks of nam will definately be hazy after this tip concludes.

We had a fantastic cooking demonstration at a restaurant where I got to show of my culinary prowess and eat the food we all made. The spring rolls are awesome and the guy running it wanted to adopt me and I think all of the girl in the group as well. We then hopped on the most unstable craft I have ever seen in my life. We crossed the cesspit of a river and went to a funny french style four story house which was conveniently turned into a cafe. One thing about Vietnam. If someone has an idea all of thier neighbours will do it as well. No where else can you visit a whole town that has forty of each shop.

It is crazy. So we lobbed up to the cafe and started on the beer at a very reasonable price. After yet another river crossing the wharf ws blocked so we took a shortcut over a fishing boat- Interesting.

After another train trip we arrived in Na trang for two day visit.

I decided that I needed some rest and gave the beer a miss for the night.

After a pretty crap sleep we went on a boat tour to an island with over fished coral reefs. The coral (and thier was lots) was pretty good size and once again we had fourteen other dive and snorkel groups all buslting for the same bit of water. After getting a pedicure and a manicure we sat around on the boat drinking beer and talking crap.

We had lunch by tying up alongide another small boat and I have a strange feeling that some of our food was left overs from the previous forty groups to pass through.

We saddled back to the hotel via a small fishing village. They have ocean fish pens and a pull ferry. When you order a fish they give the guy a yell and he scoops one out and pulls the ferry into the retaurant. Brilliant.

We then went to the pub over the road and got seriously stuck into to Tiger beer at the bargain price of two for $1.50. until the taxis were called for dinner.

Afetr a dinner at a barbecue restaurant we went out and had a blinder. The pub had free shots for girls from 10 to 12 so everyone got murdered. I was drinking vodka redbull for $3 each four at a time and we all got crazy on the dance floor.

It was messy..very messy.. I am still swaying now and it is nearly three in the afternoon.

Bad thing is we have a night on the train again, cheap beer and about $500 US dollars to go..

Thanks for your time reading this. I have a hangover that would kill an army and we will write again soon.

If you want to send us an email post a message on this site. It is fast to read. Emails take about two minutes each to open


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