Fall '07 travel blog

Ft Stevens West Battery - Six 10" rifles

Battery 245 (1944) - Two 6" rifles

6" rifle on disappearing carriage

Pratt Battery - 2 Six" rifles

The Ft Stevens Story

Ft Catslop Replica

Closer View of Ft Catslop

Lewis & Clark Underwear

L & C Shared Room at Ft Catslop

Where L & C landed

Cannon Beach (Inside Joke)

L & C Dugout Canoe ... I think it came from a...

Peter Iredale Wreck (1906)

South Jetty -- Columbia River

Mouth of Columbia River (from the south)

Cape Disappointment (from the south)

Squirrels in Oregon have spots

We visited Ft Stevens State Park and Ft Clatsop Nat'l Park ... another Lewis & Clark related exhibit. Weather a little cloudy / hazy ... but no rain, which is good in itself this time of the year.

Ft Stevens was a coastal defense point from the Civil War until just after WWII ... guarding and being on the ready to defend the Columbia River entry into the interior of the U.S. We had the "big guns" for sure. This was an impressive visit, what was left of it, including a complex system of batteries and bunkers which were loaded for serious pounding of anyone trying to enter our land at this point.

Ft Clatsop, or as Bob calls it "Ft Catslop" ... LOL ... was the winter home to Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery in Dec 1805 - March 1806. They have a replica fort, complete with period actors (only in the summer) to help intrepret the events of the L&C party. It was very interesting.

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