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Hi Everyone.

Since I wrote last, while still camped in Rhode Island, we drove into Conneticut and walked around Mystic and New London. In New London we got to go onto the beach. Mystic was a nice little seaport, with quant homes and lots of shops, and ofcause boats. They had a drawbridge that opened while we were there. Must have been a hundred years old. Met a retired gentleman there who stopped us in the street when he saw Dick's Glazer National Park T-Shirt, where he to had visited. He lives in New Jersey. Had been to Oregon as well, and told us over and over how lucky we are to live there. We truly agree.

As I said before, our RV campground was pretty awful. The second night was worse then the first, with live music and lots of noise. We left on Monday morning, and arrived near the BIG APPLE, Croton On Hudson, in the afternoon. We drove Big Blue through very narrow streets, through Sleepy Hollow (yes there is a statue of the headless horseman), and Ossling (which used to better known as SING SING, the prison, but they changed the name). We are in the Library there right now writing this letter to you all.

We are staying in a very nice County Park on the Hudson River. My sister and brother-in-law came up from the City to see us the first night, and I ended up going home with them and Dick stayed in the RV. I forgot how absolutely out of their minds these New York drivers are! Dick and I have since driven back and forth several times to my sister's in Bayside, Queens; once drove down into New Jersey and ended up taking two tunnels into Manhatten. We drove accross Manhatten on 34th street (in the car), and then over a bridge. We survived. And Dick has adapted to the driving requirements here, and even honked his horn yesterday! I would guess that honking is part of the driving test they give here before you can get your license. Yesterday the bridge we were going to drive on had a malfunction we think on the draw bridge and we ended up standing still on the highway for about 45 minutes or longer. Well, things got pretty nuts after about 40 minutes. The driver in front of us started yelling at the lady in front of him to move over so he, and others, could get around her and onto the off ramp. She was elderly and I guess either was ignoring him, or had her hearing aide Dick and I needed a bathroom and it became very uncomfortable...One fella actually, and I kid you not, got out of his car and went up to the bushes in front of God and all of us, and releived himself! No shame. Anyway, cars started leaving the highway, going off the ramp in the wrong direction, (down the on ramp). We would have left also, but we didn't know an alternate route, being tourists and all.

Yesterday we drove about 60 miles out on Long Island. We meant to go into the city by train, but the weather did not cooperate, and it rained to hard. We did end up seeing the Atlantic raging away in what turned out to be a pretty good storm. My sister called and told me that there was a tornado watch where we were driving, but we didn't see anything.

The drive home in the dark always gives me heart palpatations. Very, very scary. The state has a 55 mile per hour speed limit, but we are the only ones driving that slow. They drive at least 85, and zoom in on you like rockets, passing and swerving, and man, very scary.

They have Parkways, Expressways, Highways, etc. Trucks and RVs can't drive on the Parkways. There are so many underpasses to short for us to drive our RV under, so the plan to drive to Washington, DC tomorrow has to be carefully thought out. Dick and I went to the AAA in Scarsdale yesterday and go the number for the DOT in Maryland. He called today and got the skinny on what route to take. The tunnels in Maryland don't allow any vehicle with propane to enter. So that was a concern as well.

Today we finally vacuumed out the car that was a pit, as you could imagine after six weeks. We will go back to Bayside this afternoon and eat White Castle hamburgers for lunch and take long awaited walk. The weather has been pretty lousey the last few days.In finaly got my Knish, we ate a rare roast beef sandwich, had italian food, and tonight we will have Chinese. I am a blubber ball, but having a great time.

Tomorrow we leave for Maryland. Washington should be a treat. We both agree though that we were so much more relaxed in the west, and we would NEVER live on this side of the country. So, so, stressful compared to our life. People are generally friendly, but most "don't make eye contact".

We are well, and hope you are as well. Can't believe that time has gone by so fast. I am looking forward to being nice and warm in Florida in few weeks, and seeing my Dad.

Will write again. Let us hear from you.

Love, Barb and Dick

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