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Hi Sam! This is Sam, he is the coordinator of Las Palmas...

Our good buddy, Sam!

Some friends from Texan Mobile Park

Break that Pinata!

Some Mexican Cuisine

Connie & friend

Some of our Mexican Friends

Swing and a Miss!

Pick up that Candy

Reba & Billie Bob, Sam, Jo & Jay

Cutting the Rug - Reba & Jo

This is how you do this dance.

Show them how to do it girls!

There are a few things we need to update for you.

First of all, the truck. After a couple more visits to the Ford dealer with no results, I decided to do some research on the internet. On one of the discussion forums that I frequent, there was some talk about the problem I was having. After some interaction, I decided that the problem may be caused by the cam shaft positioning sensor. I ran this by the service tech who was working on my case. He said that they hadn't thought about this (duh!), but didn't think that it could be the problem. I asked him to just change the sensor and see what happens. He said he would run this by his service manager. He did so and the manager said to go ahead and change it. Well, to make a long story shorter, several thousand miles have passed and the problem has not returned! It's pretty sad when you have to tell the service people how to fix a problem! I'm just glad it's over.

Remember Las Palmas, the home of the quarter meals? We continue to spend our lunch time with our Mexican friends at the Las Palmas Community Center. They are such wonderful people. We decided to have an International Festival, where everyone would bring a dish influenced by their heritage and area of this great country in which we live. It was a great idea and boy, did we have a good time! Now, these people really like to party. Of course, with all the people of Mexican descent, there were gobs of Mexican foods! We ate, visited, danced and ate some more. Did I say that these people can party? Needless to say, a great time was had by all.

We took another trip to Progresso to pick up a few things before we head north later this month. Here you can buy medicine over the counter that you would need a prescription for in the states. We bought some allergy and antibiotic meds. The prices are very good. We also picked up some Ibuprofen. Paul got his hair cut for $4.00. We picked up a few other things before heading back. This is a very interesting place.

We'll probably come back again, but not until next year. Gotta get ready to head north to Missouri.

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