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We had a great time while hosting at the Hermann city park. We have Dr appointments at the VA Clinic, so we decided to go to the Mark Twain State Park for a couple of days. This will give us a chance to use our camping coupons we earned at Truman.

While in the Mexico area, we took the truck to Miller Tire to get the tires rotated. When we left Hermann, I had to air up one of the back tires, so I had them check it while they had the tire off. It turned out that the valve stem had to be replaced.

The doctor visit didn't go as good this time. My blood pressure (Paul) is running high, so he wants me to take another med. I have to come back in a month to get it checked. Ugh. We had planned to head south around the first of November, but my appointment is Nov 6. So, a slight change of plans.

After our VA visits, we had to go to Columbia where Janet had an appointment at Boone Hospital for a Mammogram examination. We found out a couple of days later that everything is OK. That's great news. While in Columbia we took the truck in for an oil change and lube.

Back at Mark Twain we had one more day to rest up before heading on. The weather is very nice, although it is a bit warm for this time of year. Saturday morning we got up and got ready to head back to Lost Valley for a few days. Oh-oh, another problem! We noticed we had a flat tire on the trailer. Now what? OK, here's a chance to use my new air compressor. We aired up the tire in hopes we could make it to Perry (about 15 mi) to get the tire fixed. It looks like it may hold, so off we go. We stopped at a small tire shop just west of Perry. They got us right in, removed the tire and got it fixed. Somewhere we had picked up a drywall screw! A few minutes later we were on our way.

On the way back into Hermann we stopped to pick up some groceries. Paula & Ben met us and dropped off the boys who will stay overnight with us. Back at Lost Valley they helped us get all set-up. We had dinner and later fixed some smores. It was a nice evening. Sunday we went back to Hermann and went to church. Later that day we went over to the boys' other grandparents home, where Jean fixed a nice supper to celebrate Zach's 13th birthday. Gads, another teenager in the family! We all had a very nice time. Janet & I then headed back to Lost Valley.

We've been having trouble with our satellite system locking on to the bird. I called the dealer who sold the system to us. He walked me through a few things to try. He had me get up on the roof and remove the LNB, which had water and condensation in it. He said that this is probably the problem and removing the water and drying it out may or may not solve the problem. Of course the warranty for this part is expired. So if it needs replacement it will cost us between $500 & $600! Great news! Time will tell. It's working now, so we'll keep our fingers crossed.

Is it finally fall? The morning temperature was 50 degrees.

Time for the fall Excel meeting........

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