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The Rogue Upstream from the Lava Tubes

The Rogue Emerging from the Lava Tubes

Rogue River Falls

Rogue River Gorge

First View of Crater Lake

North Rim

NE Rim

East Rim

Wizard Island

Another Shot of Wizard Island

Many trees have that "Wind Blown Look"

Snow Shadows

Snow Tracks

Snow Balls

Phantom Ship

The Blue is VERY BLUE

Short Explanation of Crater Lake

Top of Mt Thiesen ... 40 miles north

The Happy Campers

Caldera that contains Crater Lake

When I was a kid (age-wise, not acting-wise as I still do ... LOL) I saw a picture of Crater Lake and have wanted to see it ever since. I finally had my dream come true today as we took a day-trip to the famed volcano caldera lake. I was not disappointed ... it was the most beautiful experience ... probably at the very top of the list so far on our trip around the country. Pics will show how majestic this setting is. Much of the park was already closed due to snow, but The SW Rim was still accessable. They get 500 inches of snow on an everage winter here ... so it's a good thing we got here when we did. There was almost a foot of snow on the ground already.

For more info on Crater Lake, check out their website: http://www.nps.gov/crla/

On our way to the park we stopped to see a couple of settings along the Rogue River. One was a "Natural Bridge" where the river disappears for a couple of hundred feet as it travels through a lava tube. We also visited a short gorge where the Rogue passes through a very narrow volcanic rock area early in it's trip towards the Pacific Ocean from the peaks of the Crater Lake area.

This day will go down as one of our favorites ... I'm sure. Enjoy.

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