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Wednesday, October 24, 2007.

Skyline Ranch Resort, Front Royal, Virginia.

The Yukon Goes to the Shop

Tom got up at 6:00 this morning. He had some things he had to get ready for work today and was just too tired to stay up and work on it any longer last night. He finished up what he needed to before breakfast. I got up at 7:00 to get ready to take the Yukon into the shop at 9:00. Jonathan had chose to go to the shop with me and take our school stuff along.

The guy at the dealership was very nice. We did the paper work then Jonathan and I headed to the customer lounge and got going on things. The service manager came out and explained what they had found. The back brakes were going to have to be replaced and the sound we were hearing from the blower was probably because critters had made a nest or home in our front end. We decided to go ahead and have all the work done that needed to be done but it was an unexpected expense. It was going to take a little longer than planned so they gave us a loaner and Jonathan and I came back to the RV to have lunch with Tom.

Driving back and forth, there were clouds hanging around the middle and top of the mountains. Front Royal seems to be a nice little town. I wouldn't mind exploring it a little bit more. Later in the evening: While driving back from running errands and picking the Yukon up at the dealer, I heard the same sounds coming from the back end. I rolled the window down and heard the squeak and grind. We all went for a quick ride so Tom could listen and see if he could detect what it might be. We'll be calling the shop in the morning to make an appointment to take it back in to be worked on some more. I'll be calling Kelley to see what plans we can make once we know what's happening with the truck.

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