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View over Chaweng Beach

National Marine Park

Emerald Lake - setting for the Beach !!

We arrived in Koh Samui on 11/1 and have been staying at the Fair House Beach Resort on Chaweng Noi Beach. We decided to stay here for 16 nights as it was difficult to find accomodation due to everone else moving over to this side of Thailand. This has been the longest we have stayed in any one place so it has been nice just to chill out and relax.

We have been a bit dissapointed by Chaweng Beach - all of the guide books reckon this is one of the most beautiful in Thailand, however it is very crowded, no more than three metres wide along most of its length and they constantly have the red danger flags flying due to waves and strong currents. Luckily the hotel is really nice and has two large swimming pools.

We have not done too much here apart from Sun Bathe.

Went on a day trip to Ang Thong National Marine Park which is where the inspiration for the book The Beach came from. It took 75 minutes on a small speedboat to get there. We thought it was a bit odd when we got on the boat as they gave four sea sickness pills to everyone, the sea looked very calm from where we were. It did not take long to hit the waves, other people were sick but we were ok. We spent the day going around tiny Islands, snorkelling surrounded by fish and chilling out on a deserted beach. When we boarded the boat for the return trip the three crew members all put their waterproof jackets and hoods on. We then set off on an hour long trip from hell, the wind had picked up and the waves were massive - everybody got drenched by the waves (so much so one bloke was wearing his snorkel and mask on the boat) .

Dad - you would like the pool. The other day a 1 metre long snake slithered past the bottom of our sunbeds, we watched as it sneaked up behind a lizard on the edge of the pool. The snake then pounced and wrapped itself around the lizard, crushing it before it ate it! We soon found out this wasnt the only slimy snake around our pool.

As you know i'm a pretty calm sort of bloke but I nearly ended up in a fight with a German. Most Brits usually moan about the Germans on Holiday and we are no different, everywhere we have been the Germans stick out by miles, pushing, shoving, queue jumping etc. The other day we were laying around the pool with a big fat German Bloke and his wife laying next to Leia. The bloke started chatting to us (it did not appear his wife spoke English). Covered the usual topics about where we were from (they were from Frankfurt) what we had been doing etc.

The day before they had been on a day trip to Nang Yuan Island which we are also going to - he offered to show us his pictures on his digital camera. I scrolled through his camera with him watching over me - amongst the usual snaps there seemed to be quite a few women in bikins etc (not his wife though). Didnt think too much of it - he then got called away by his misus and dissappeared from around the pool, Leia took the camera to look at the Island snaps - being a bit nosey she looked through the rest of his pics and found three of herself in her bikini that he had taken whilst she was sun bathing a few days earlier.

Needless to say we were not too chuffed, Leia pleaded with me not to do anything stupid, his pictures got deleted and his camera returned to his misus. Not too long after we were sitting chatting when the perv came over and sat on the end of Leias sun bed, i tried to keep calm and he asked if i had ever been to Germany. Thinking what would come next i told him i had been to Frankfurt, and spent a couple of minutes slagging the place off, he looked a bit surprised so i just told him i did not like Germans and that they were rude arrogant etc etc. Then asked him why he had three photos of Leia on his camera !! - came with an excuse that she looked like one of his ex girlfriends - as if - ugly fat !@#$

We went to the full moon party on Monday night (24) on the neighbouring Island Of Koh Phangan. Given our previous experience on the speedboat Leia insisted that we caught the large slower bost and this turned out to be a wise move. The party was on Had Rin beach, between 7000-9000 people were there, they had fireworks, jugglers, bars and loads of sound systems set up all along the beach. There was a really good atmosphere and we left on out boat back to Samui at 4:30am. Sadly on the way back one of the speedboats capsized at 5am killing eight people, 17 are still reported as missing - a few of them British.

Its a bit unnerving with all of the things that seem to happen closeby, The shark Attack, earthquake, big fire in an apartment block near to our hotel in Bangkok the day after we left (it collapsed killing a load of fireman) and now the boat disaster. For those coming to Vegas are you sure you want to be anywhere near us?

We are leaving Samui in the morning and going to Koh Pangan for 16 nights. After this we have booked a scuba diving course on a small Island called NAng Yuan where we will be staying for 3 nights, we then go to another Island - Koh Tao for 6 nights before heading back to Samui and flying over to Phuket.

You can check out where we have/will be staying at the following sites;

1. Koh Samui

2. Koh Phangan

3. Nang Yuan

4. Koh TAo

PS We have managed to add some pics of Cambodia - just open up our last posting and click on the first picture to view them.


Wake up!

I like Ko Samui alot but feel a bit conned by the beach , i expected it to be like the brochures. The full moon party was wicked though , one of the best nights out we have had so far.

Its not the same here since Mark & Mandy [ the couple from isle of dogs ] went home. They were a good laugh.

Why is it when people from the eastend meet eachother ,anywhere other than the eastend, they have to talk about how great pie & mash is? Anyway , i am really craving it now!

Anyway, we will keep you posted....

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