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We could not believe our eyes when we finally arrived at the...



One very beautiful place





Two kids trying to save their dad's boat from sinking!


Parati and their famous boats

Pretty colonial streets

Another clever use of Caba├žas

On our way to sea the surrounding islands and beaches of Parati


This is a restaurant island!!

Or you could just stay in this Hotel island instead

Our first island stop to scuba dive with the fishes.


And there they are (there is a pale fish on the right!)






That's our boat





There's always a dog


Flavia and Denis - two students we met on the boat trip.

We are going to Trinidade!!

It's certainly not disappointing here


I think he's about to fall











An amazing natural swimming pool in Trinidade





One place in our memories forever


Having a friut juice at a little bar on the hill

Our guide: he is going to lead us to a waterfall

Found it






A pretty hummingbird


We arrived in Parati at 4am(!) and spent a slightly scary couple of hours playing cards at the bus station before we got to see how truly stunning Parati is. Our first sight of the bay, with its white sand, blue sea, the distant trees of the Atlantic Rainforest, and dozens of picture-perfect islands, will stay with us for a long time! We meant to just pass through on our way to Ilha Grande, but stayed a few days because leaving our lovely hotel, the pretty cobbled streets with their colouful houses, and the stunning coast was difficult!! We spent a day on a boat tour visiting nearby beaches and islands and snorkling, and met a lovely Brazilian couple who put up with our bad Portuguese for an evening drink. Then, since Trinidade (with its seven beaches, pretty little waterfalls which a dog took us to(!), and an incredible blue-green natural swimming pool formed by rocks in the sea) was just half an hour away, we had to go there too!

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