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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Outdoor World, Williamsburg, VA

Fun Day - Connecting with Angela and Jesse again

Jonathan did a great job at his school assignments this morning. He got up and got started on everything all by himself. We were really proud of him. He knew we had plans for later.

After finishing school stuff and having lunch, Jonathan and I got ready to go to a place called Kidsburgh with Angela and Jesse. They swung by the campground to pick us up around 1:00. Kidsburgh was a park in town that people in the community had come together to build. It was mostly made of wood and had tires to swing on, balance on, walk across. It had high slides, forts and cables to ride across. Jonathan loved it.

After spending a good chunk of time there, we went for ice cream. They brought us back to the RV park. It was kind of funny though. The front gate arm had been broken off by someone before we arrive in Williamburg. They fixed it while we were out today so Jonathan and I just jumped out and walked to the RV from there.

We had a fire tonight and roasted hot dogs over it for dinner. The weather has been great. It's been in the 70's during the day. The sun has been shining since we arrived. It's been a nice change.

PM - Kidsburgh with Angela and Jesse

PM - Hot dogs over the fire, pumpkin

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