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This is the view of our campsite from the site across the...

Our front yard. Nice sized compared to our last one!

This is the view out our front window. We are camped close...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007.

Williamsburg, VA

A Quiet Halloween

Tom started working around 8:00 this morning. Jonathan focused on his math, language arts and reading while I fixed breakfast. We have had a more leisurely week since we have two weeks in this location so that has been nice.

I went to get my hair cut around 11:30. I hadn't had it cut since we were in Batesville and that was the end of August.

When I got back, Jonathan and I read together for a while. Jonathan was drawing his schoolwork out for a long time so we gave him a deadline of 4:30. I had checked out a couple places where we could go trick or treating so everything was pending on him getting his school work completed. He got everything done in time but decided he didn't want to go after all. "I have enough candy from before" he said. (He trick or treated a couple weeks ago when we were in Cape Cod.) Instead, we built a campfire and relaxed and watched the stars. It was a nice evening.

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