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Indiana Mick!

Happy Granny at Ankor Watt.

Ankor Wat

Ankor Wat dif angle.

Angkor Wat is a large temple complex built during the Angkor (go figure) period in North Western Thailand. It is quite a remarkable temple Complex that defies expression by photo's and words. This is the only Asian architecture that I like. Lots of intricate carvings dot every surface and it is all in grey limestone. No gaudy red and yelow pint to be seen. We traversed through the temple complex and had a great time and then headed home for an early dinner. Kirsty decided to go home and in hindsight I would be in a lot less pain now if I had of followed her.

But no, Mick being Mick he decides to soldier on with the pommy backpackers doing tequila slammers with tomato juice and tobasco chasers.

After emptying the entire contents of my digestive sytsem I di not awake until about 11 am. I wasn't able to get out of bed and had to take stemetil to even sit up.

The stomach pains have continued and I don't know wether it's from throwing up or the numerous diseases you could catch in this shithole just by breathing in when a car went past.

Anyway we'll continue on... Next stop Battambang

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