Fall '07 travel blog

California Capitol Building

The Rotunda

Assembly Chambers

Senate Chambers

Arnold's Office

Old Sacramento Area

Old Sacramento Area

Sacramento River and Tower Bridge

Governor's Office (Before Regan's Days)

Visited Sacramento today. The Old Sacramento area is very interesting. Most of the buildings have been restored to original looks. The original Wells Fargo building is intact ... with a great museum of the history of the Pony Express, Wells Fargo Stagecoach days, early banking days in Sacramento and history of the gold rush days.

A museum of the gold rush days was also of great interest, as was history of the riverboats in Sacramento ... which transported goods up and down the river from San Francisco.

We have enjoyed visiting state capitol buildings ... so today stopped to see if Arnold was in. He was ... but he was busy. However, we heard him say as he walked down the hall, "Ah'll be Baack!!" ... LOL. His office is pretty well protected and guarded, as the pic shows ... mostly because of someone trying to drive a semi-trailer into his office from the outside a few years ago.

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