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Sunset over the Ganges in Rishikesh

Us on one of our daily walks along the Ganges at the...

Another of our daily walks.....it was lovely

the camp fire our last night at the ashram

The group at the ashram

bernie at the observatory

Amber fort in Jaipur

Amber fort

us, bernie, and a small admirer outside the Amber fort

temple in Jaipur

Pushkar from above

the colorful women of Rajasthan

us and bernie atop pushkar


An ornate room in the Jodhpur Fort

The Blue City

Bernie makes a friend

Kate and Peter protect the fort




"I'm ready for my close up"


kk is a natural

the whole camel safari crew (paudie, peter, kk, and cb)

The lake we where we went swimming in Udaipur

Peter, Carla, and our driver

Hey all,

Sorry the delay, it's been forever, but we've been very busy. Since our last entry we've done a lot and covered a lot of ground. Our first stop was in Rishikesh, the same place the Beatles wrote the White Album. Our first few days we stayed in town and made friends with a lovely couple that lives in upstate NY (hey to Hersh and Amalok). After a few days we went to an ashram and spent a week doing meditation and yoga. It was a good time and very peaceful but a week was long enough for us. The place was right on the Ganges River (the good clean part) and it was so refreshing to go swimming.

After we were chilled out, we left the ashram and headed south to the desert state of Rajasthan. Our first stop was a city called Jaipur. We went to the fort (Rajasthan is known for it's forts, it was the first of many) and a few other places, but the city wasn't quite for us, so we left after a two days.

The next city we visited was Pushkar, and this city was way more our style. It was

beautiful and chilled out with a great combination of tourism and locals. We met with Peter (a fellow American who we met in Jaipur) and just hung out in the city for several days. There are a couple of temples on the top of small mountains that are perfect for sunset so each day we took a trek up.

We finally left Pushkar after about 5 days and went to Jodhpur, another city with a fort (and an excellent audio tour). Again, we found Peter (we have had very similar travel plans) and embraced tourism. The city is really amazing because most of the buildings are blue and it creates a striking contrast to the reds and browns of the desert.

The next morning we boarded a 6am bus to Jaisalmer, which is the most popular place for camel trekking. Along with Peter, we met an Irish guy named Paudie, and we all went on a 2 day, 1 night camel safari. The camels were so chill and the desert was beautiful. The dunes were untouched (mostly) and we had a wonderful time sleeping under the stars. We saw loads of shooting stars, which is pretty rare since we spend so much time in the cities. The next morning we hopped on the camels again (which are huge, way bigger than horses...more like skinny elephants if than makes any sense). It was a highlight of the trip.

From Jaisalmer, we hopped one of the bumpiest overnight buses of our lives to Udaipur, which was the location of the Bond movie, Octopussy (our second Bond movie location). It was a lovely city with a great lake that was perfect to watch the sunset. We even got to watch the movie at one of the restaurants. We befriended a rickshaw driver and he took us to this great lake where we all went swimming.

After that we said goodbye to Peter and began a 48-hour journey to the beach state of Goa. We arrived dirty and smelly but it was all worth it for the beach. We ate seafood, lounged, watched The Full Monty (which is hilarious), and that's about it for three days. It was wonderful.

From there, we took another over night bus up to Bombay for our last few days in Asia. At first the city seemed kind of abrasive but it grew on us. In fact, we were even in the movies. There is a Hollywood/Bollywood (India's version of Hollywood) movie that needed extras and we got recruited. It was a Jesse Metcalf movie (the hot gardener from Desperate Housewives) and it's called The Other Side of the Line (opening in 2008). We can't vouch for the rest of the movie, but the airport scenes are oscar worthy :) It was a great experience but I don't think either one of us got the acting bug. Other than that, we just walked around taking in the city and tied up lose ends before heading to Ireland. So, that's it, our last few weeks in India. More to come when hit the land of the Land of Potatoes.


Kate and Carla

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