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This quiet scene is directly behind our motorhome at the Thousand Trails...

Their lake is small and shallow, but it makes good early morning...

Not far from here is where we saw a couple of herons...

Where do we go after two exciting days in Chico, California? To a nice, quiet Thousand Trails park 84 miles away, to catch our breath. Here we are at Lake Minden, just outside of Nicolaus, CA. We're here to relax a little, do some laundry, clean house, etc. Why clean house? Because at our next stop, we expect daughter Deb to visit, and we think cousin Carol will also. We even got a message on this website from a reader we've not met yet, wondering if we could get together as we pass through the Bay Area! We gave her a map and directions to where we'll be, and suggested she drop by. We'll see what happens.

This park has a small laundry facility (4 washers, 5 dryers) and unfortunately, we did wash on Monday, the traditional laundry day. What a struggle. One lady had three dryers full, and didn't come back for them, so we and another camper emptied them (even though the clothes were still damp) so we could keep going. That's common practice in campground etiquette: you'd better stick around or take the consequences.

The lake here is small and shallow, but we were able to see a couple of herons wading about on Monday. Geese flew over by the hundreds, heading for warmer climes for the winter, while magpies and ground squirrels went about their business very quietly.

Step back to Sunday: we went to Mass at the local St. Boniface Church, which is one of two mission churches supported by a larger church in Lincoln, CA. This is often the case for us: out in the virtual boonies where we stay, the little church plays second fiddle to a larger one in a major town. The priest who celebrated the Mass with us must not have been in this country very long, as his English pronunciation was nearly impossible to understand, and he had to read virtually every word he said, even the portions usually recited from memory by even the youngest priests. Nevertheless, it was a good Mass, we sang the songs and participated in everything, even the "coffee and" afterwards.

We had a nice, quiet episode in ... Our Life on Wheels.

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