Fall '07 travel blog

Orange Juice for breakfast???

Crooked Trail

Here we are, Kids!

I'm not sure the truck will fit!

Mtn View on the way into the park

Another "entry" view

Boy, these hummers are big!

Tall, too!

Some are dead ... and you can walk thru them

This one is the biggest in the world!

See what I mean about tall???

This one's a "two-fer"

This one is connected to a huge rock

A cluster of them

Another cluster

This one's named Gen'l Grant ... third largest in the world!

Grant's top

Fire Scar ... it will heal eventually ... with 2' thick bark

The darn smog ...

... produces beautiful sunsets!

Today we drove up into Sequoia Nat'l Park ... "up" is the definitive word. The elevation change for our trip today was just over 6000 feet up ... and then down again. The "General's Highway", which we entered on includes 130 curves and 12 switchbacks in 16 miles ... I didn't count them, but read the facts and believed it. Quite an experience ... I swear I saw the back of our truck on one turn it was so tight.

Giant Sequoia Nat'l Park and the surrounding Sierra Nevada mountains are the only location in the world where this tree species grows. It is shorter than the California Redwood, but grows to greater bulk ... larger diameter trunk, larger limbs, etc. The General Sherman Tree is proportedly THE largest tree in the world in total bulk. They are big ... that's for sure. You can't help but look up when you see them ... unless you're driving, of course.

Weather was great ... but the pollution / smog in this area of California is horrible. We read that it is the second most polluted area in our country. So ... lots of haze if looking out towards the central valley area. It does make for nice sunsets, tho.

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