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Steve and Sheila wanted us to open our gifts. Jonathan got a...

Another one! Wow, you must be pretty special.

A Super Heros drawing book! I bet Josh helped pick this out....

Tom opens his birthday card.

Shut the Box! Thanks. The inscription on the front says "Travelin' Smythe...

Family Picture of the Klusman/Kolton Family.

Little closer shot.

Deb and Jonathan are in the mix this time.

Sunday, December 2, 2007.

Kolton's House, Batesville, IN

Koltons - Dinner with Klusmans and Koltons

Steve and Sheila had to be at church this morning at 8:15 to greet. Caleb had spent the night last night so we told them we would be here to take care of the boys when they woke up. Everybody was up by 8:30. They went down and started in on the video games again. Tom and I had breakfast and then talked for a while. Next it was time for showers and time for the boys' breakfast. Steve and Sheila got home about this time too.

Sheila suggested we use this little bit of time to open Christmas gifts. Josh gave Jonathan a book and a Super Heros drawing kit. I bet he will enjoy that. Tom and I received a couple packages of Cincinnati Chili and Shut the Box. That will be a lot of fun too!

Roger, Cindy and Lauren came up before too long and then Sheila's mom and dad came shortly after that. We all had dinner together and then just relaxed. Steve had the football games on.

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