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Bernie's and our second airport excursion in 14 months

Jason, Maeve, Carla, and Ruairi in Achill island

save me!


Thanksgiving dinner in Achill

view from R's family cottage in Achill

kk, cb, and rc in front of Newgrange


the Boyne River

Hey everybody,

Sorry to have vanished for so long, but we are back in the western hemisphere and all is well. Before returning Stateside we are spending a few weeks in Ireland and the UK in order to catch up with friends and break up the inevitable culture shock. We arrived in Ireland from Bombay, and were met at the other end by Ruairi. We spent our first evening at his family's house catching up on the past month over wine and cheese, then the next day headed southwest to Achill island, where his family has a cottage. We were joined by many of Ruairi's good friends from home, who celebrated Thanksgiving with us Irish style (aka potatoes and lots of them).

We spent a few days hanging out around Achill, and got a great tour by Ruairi and co. We hit up the pubs a bit, watched some rugby, and were even given some herring over pints by a local. We had a great time just relaxing, and getting used to the weather´üŐ

Back in Drougheda (Ruairi's home town), we visited a local historical site at Newgrange, a mysterious megalithic gravesite where the sun illuminates an inner chamber at the sunrise of the winter solstice. It's older than the pyramids and by far the oldest thing we've seen, at about 3,200 BC. We also had a crash course in Irish history as many important battles took place in this area.

That evening, we went over to Ruairi's friends house for dinner and a game of poker which lasted into the wee hours. Kapner took home the winnings, and a good time was had by all.

The next day, Kate left us for the week to go explore neighboring Scotland, and Carla stayed on for a further tour of Ireland. We went to the local pub that evening for a taste of Drougheda. The next day, we headed into Dublin for a bit on the way to an evening with friends outside the city. We went briefly to an art opening, and got a feel for the scene, then headed out of the city for dinner and hilarious board games.

The following day, we went back into Dublin for the afternoon and a bit of tourism. We went around the city, and visited some of the major sites including the world famous Guinness factory.

That evening we took a bus to Kilkenny to visit more friends, and had a great time. The town is really beautiful and medieval, and we checked out some of the churches and castles about the area, and enjoyed the amazing hospitality of Fran and Anye. Followed of course by an evening in the pub (this is Ireland). Next, we headed to the south of Ireland to Cork to visit Ruairi's brother. He took us around for the day in Kinsale, a seaside town, where we visited a fort and then enjoyed a great dinner and some more pub time.

We flew back to Dublin in the shortest flight of my life, and headed back out to Ruairi's family's house. After a day or so relaxing, it was time to hop back on a plane to meet Kapner and go visit the neighboring island and Miss Philippa Buckley. It was an amazing few weeks in Ireland, and we want to thank everyone who took us in and made us feel totally at home. I'm sure you'll be seeing more of us in the future, and if anyone ever needs a place to stay in America, just let us know.

Thank you


cb and kk

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