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The meeting of Rio Amazonas and Rio Tapajos

















With Tara feeling well enough to travel again, we took ourselves back to Santarem (on a sardine-can bus) to find another boat to get us to Manaus. We stopped for breakfast first at a rooftop supermarket café overlooking the meeting of the meeting of the Tapajos (black coffee coloured) and Amazon (café au lait coloured) rivers - because of the different properties of the rivers they run alongside each other for a while without mixing - it was fascinating to see. We found a boat without too much trouble, and only had a couple of hours to wait before it left. Our second Amazon boat was very similar to our first (apparently there are big ones with air conditioning, but we were happy with our smaller boat!), the only differences were that the toilets were not as nice (lots of insects, and water dripping on your head - Da did his best not to use them!!), and the mealtime regime was a bit more relaxed. We spent a very relaxing 3 days reading, chatting, playing card games and dominoes, watching the Amazon float past our hammocks, and generally being lazy! The best bit was that on the second morning, while we were at a port, a pod of grey river dolphins spent ages playing and catching fish beside the boat!

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