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Hey all,

So this is it. The LAST entry. We've returned stateside and are living in our respective parents' houses for the time being. So we'd like to give a little insight and a few thoughts and thank yous about it all.

We have to admit...we were charmed. We had an amazing unbelievable trip without major incident. It could not have gone better. It took on a life of its own. We never could have imagined this journey would be so epic. We left not knowing what to expect, but this trip was beyond all expectation. The freedom of having a one-way plane ticket, and no set plan, left us open to all kinds of amazing experiences. We never envisioned half the places we went, but the freedom to explore the world at will was awesome. Also, we are truly appreciative for the opportunity to take a year of our lives and do whatever we wanted. We'll never regret it and we encourage you all to do the same :)

We want to thank everyone who supported us from home and helped us along the way. Specifically, thank you to our parents and families for all their love and patience, we couldn't have done it without you. Also to all of our friends and blog viewers, thank you for letting us know we were gone but not forgotten. We loved checking the website, and seeing some new lovin' in the inbox. Your messages rocked! A big thank you to Jen, Robin, and Henry for going the distance (literally), it was so amazing to have you with us. Also, a special thank you to Ruairi, who convinced us after one beer to pick up the pace and push our limits. Without you, we might still be staring at our belly buttons somewhere in Southeast Asia:)It's been amazing sharing this trip with you. We knew you'd fit right in from that first game of charades way back in Nam. We loved that you were always up for anything, and we certainly found ourselves in some interesting situations. Thank you to the bird, who is a little worse for wear, but older and wiser, and one of the most well travelled flamingos of all time.

Finally, we want to thank each other because we made it 14 months without killing each other. It's been so long, and we are still a hilarious pair (tweedle dee and tweedle dum-you can pick whose who). And we are still chronic sharers. It was a good run:-)

Love (for the last time),

cb and kk

p.s. thank you to the folks in England and Ireland for letting us crash in actual homes for the first time in over a year, and showing us around

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