Fall '07 travel blog

Bonnie & Kirsten ... first time for 6 months

Bonnie loves Dubbya Stuff ... yah, sure!!!

Some family members just never change

He loved it ... but lost it ... White Elephant Christmas Gift...

Bill is easy to entertain

So is Natalie

Max Claus ... at Molly's Cabin

Max 'n' Emma Enjoying the Gift Getting

On Wisconsin ... Yeh, Bucky!!!

The McFarland Linaberry's ... Max, Brian, Tammy & Emma

A Real Bunch of Turkeys ... at Molly's Cabin

Kirsten checking out a gift

Can I eat this paper?

Oh my, I'm having fun

Who's having more fun?

You can't top this!

Oh look ... Daddy's beer!

The Best Gift This Year !!

First Christmas with Kirsten

We decided that we missed seeing snow and stuff at Christmas ... so we made the trek back to Wisconsin to celebrate Christmas with family and friends. And yes ... we did see snow ... lots of it ... more than we've seen at Christmastime in Wisconsin for several years.

Spent a few days with the Linaberry's in McFarland, Taylor Family in Marshall, Cindy and Jerry in Coloma, Linaberry's at Molly's Cabin in Grand Marsh, Runyon's and Linstad's in Little Chute ... and again in McFarland. It was a blast ... good times, winter weather, cold and blowing snow, snowballs, etc. ... all of which added up to a wonderful side trip to be with family.

Enjoy the pics. We think Kirsten is pretty cute ... almost as cute as Emma ... LOL.

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