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Joshua Trees at the Boron Rest Area





Happy New Year!
1 January - This is the first day of the new year and the last day of my perimeter run.

We woke to a beautiful, crisp, clean, and cold morning in the high desert country of the Mojave. For two days the girls have been hounding me to see a Joshua Tree. This morning we woke up with them surrounding us(5

). We took some pictures and then headed for the little town of Mojave for gas and breakfast at Denny's, IN OUR JAMMIES! We decided we were not gonna change or even clean up until we got to Yuba City. After breakfast we drove and drove and drove some more, for 417.8 miles to be exact, and that is the most miles I have ever driven the RV in one day. It's amazing what one can do when surrounded by BO and inspired by the thought of a Hollywood shower.

I really enjoyed sharing the last 3 days of my trip with Mary and Veronika. They were the exclamation point for the whole adventure. Each and every one of the 12,615.9 miles of the trip was exciting and a good learning experience and I can't wait for the next one. In addition to seeing many new and exciting places and things, and making new friends along the way, I got to see a lot of places, friends, and relatives, that I hadn't seen in many years that rekindled many old and fond memories. Thanks to each and everyone of you for the love, friendship, and kindness you have shown me during my trip around the good ol' USA. May God bless and keep you all safe and well until we meet again..................mike

Today's Milestones: Set a new all-time single day driving record of 417.8 miles.

NOTE: The Flappr Map is up and running and you can add/update your info by clicking on the map link. And, if you haven't already added your picture, you can do that now too. Cheers........................................

Mileage, Expenditures, and Other Tidbits thru Day 163

Mileage: 417.8/12,615.9(77.4 miles per day average for the trip)

Casino Win/Loss: $72/140


Parking: Mary's House in Yuba City-Free/990.42($6.08 per day average for the trip)

Parking Breakdown: Flying Js(3),State/National Parks(5),Miscellaneous(6),Casinos(6.5), Rest Areas(10.5),Relatives(12),Base RV Parks(13),Friends(15),RV Parks(24),Walmarts(31),Resorts(37)

Toll Roads: $0/45.30($.28 per day average for the trip)

RV Gas: $175.66/4,292.22($26.33 per day average for the trip)

Toad Gas: $0/379.36($2.33 per day average for the trip)

Propane: $0/121.95($.75 per day average for the trip)

RV LOF/Repair: $0/197.53($1.21 per day average for the trip)

Toad Repair: $0/824.04($5.06 per day average for the trip)

Bicycle Repair: $0/57.50($.35 per day average for the trip)

Miscellaneous: $0/925.08($5.68 per day average for the trip)

Total Trip Expenditures/Per Diem: $7,833.40/48.06

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