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Train ride to Simons Town

Simons Town

Springboks all around at Obz Cafe

My amazing campus

My campus sits at the base of table mountain

Jammie Plaza- where everyone hangs out during lunch

just some of the many many stairs I must climb to get...

View from Jammie Plaza

Hello Everyone!!!

There is so much to tell you I do not know if my fingers can keep up. First of all, my apartment is beautiful. From the balcony I have a beautiful view of table mountain with my campus sitting just below. The complex is full of UCT students and they are all very friendly. I already have so many wonderful friends and we are constantly going on adventures, even if it is just to the store. I have been going for a run every morning on campus, a great way to start the day! We went to Simons Town and I went swimming where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean.... I am in love. I love the ocean and I am so glad that I get to end my undergraduate degree so close to it. We went to upper campus yesterday and I had to hold myself up. It was as though I was entering a movie. My breath was taken away and was in total amazment. I adore my school! (Mom- you are going to have to drag me back by my hair) I can't wait to send pictures, but it is going to be a while because I have to first get them put onto cd. But you will get them eventually!!! Today I am going to a pool party with all of the international students at my friend Jamie's house. Some of the kids are homesick and having a hard time...but I am really living it up. Probably thanks to Mom and Dad moving us about so much when we were little and all of the notes I keep geting from you folks at home. It's nice to feel as though I still have a connection to home. Take care!

~~ Sara

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