Steve's 12 month IA to Iraq travel blog

Got to ride on a Merlin (British Helicopter) both down and back...

I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time in military flight...

I also got a chance to fly in a Puma (another British...

Finally made it back to the IZ. Another airframe got logged on my list, the British Puma helicopter. A bit smaller than the Merlin, but certainly fun to ride.


A bit over two months down ... still seems like a long haul left to go. Thanks again for all the prayers, cards and well-wishes. The trips around the country certainly make the days go by faster, but November (and I am fearful December as well) has seemed to start to crawl ... think it is just being over here away from family during these holiday seasons.


GOD bless, and please tell everyone thanks for the support. It means a lot!!

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