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The box our bill came in - the waiters were dressed as...

Fireworks (for St Benedict, we think)

Dancing with our waiter from earlier (who wouldn't let us take his...

... more dancing (!)

Tara & Philipp (and nice girl!)

See no evil...


The botanical gardens in Merida where we are going to do tree...



Going up!










A pineapple



Coming down!



A coffee tree







The ice-cream shop with the most flavours in the world (hamburger, salmon,...

The crowd and dancers celebrating St Benedict

Guys getting ready to fire gunpowder at a St Benedict's festival celebration...


Nativity scene at Merida bus station (and Da waiting)

A bigger nativity scene, also at at Merida bus station (there were...

We returned to Merida for one more day, so that we wouldn't arrive in Colombia on a Sunday. We used our time wisely, dancing and resting :) We went out on Saturday night with Philipp, who we'd met at Angel Falls, and then met up with him again for a sunday trip to the botanical gardens, which was very peaceful apart from the climbing in the trees bit!

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