The Inaugural Pete World Tour, Oct 07 - Mar 08 travel blog

Noticing the short transfer time in between flight QF2 (Bangkok - Sydney) and flight QF159 (Sydney - Auckland), I asked the air stewardess if my bag would be transferred over.

"Yes sir, of course"

Showing a rather shameful lack of faith in the staff of Qantas, I put the same question to the girl at the boarding desk.

"Yes sir, of course"

After rebuking myself for my cynicism, I set off on the flight to Auckland... I think we can all tell where this is going

"I'm afraid your bag is not at this airport sir"

These beauts then had the nerve to give me a 'So your bag is missing: what happens now' leaflet containing such gems as 'we will now undergo a database search of over 4,000 locations.'

Well you can rule out 3,999 of those locations and just have a look on THE LAST BLOODY PLANE I WAS ON.

Got the bus from the airport to Pukekohe (just outside Auckland) where I met Paul and Mike, my travelling buddies (for a while at least). The bus journey was notable for the fact that it played the first song I'd heard since travelling around the world for nine hundred hours - Ferry Cross The Mersey. Which was nice. Met Paul's cousin Sarah who very kindly put us up for the night. Went straight to bed. Exhausted

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