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Driving around Ko Chang.

Our Bungalows

Ah Life! So crappy in the north, so beautiful in the south.

We arrived on Ko Chang about the sixth of Feb after a night in Pattaya and three 3 hour local bus rides. It was fun getting back onto the local bus.

We got crammed with about 400 other hopefuls onto a boat for the trip across. Maritime safety and South East Asia is an oxymoron.

So we trip across and get off at a pier somewhere on an island with a lonely planet map that is very very base.

We cram into a taxi with about ten other people for the 9 klm trip to the other side of the island. This is when we meet Kylie and Lynnette. Two asutralian girls on a bit of a bender in south east asia. The taxi driver asked them where they wanted to go and they just said "take us to where the busy part is" or something like that.

After travelling about a kilometre we come across a guy who had passed out beside the road. I got off to have a look, he was ok but the taxi driver told us he was leaving and I had to get on or get left behind. Pure buddhism-get into it.

So we all get off at a place called lonely beach with no idea of where to go and what to do at five pm. The sun was sinking, we were sweating and the sand was hard going with packs on your back.

We got turned back from all the bungalows because they were full and were trudging along a dark road looking for a place to stay. We arrived at a swank hotel which the girls stayed at and Kirst and I kept trudging. Just when we thought we had hit the end of the bungalows we saw a sign saying Paradise Cottages and turned right. We saw a couple and I asked them if he spoke English. His reply was "Yes, very well actually". Classic right out of the boot comeback.

We got down to the reception and got the last key to a beautifl thatched roof bungalow. A cold shower later and it was all good.

We decided to extend our stay here and have just been chilling out and catching up with Kylie and Lynnette who are just two classic trippers.

We leave for Bangkok in two days then off to Athens, which is good because my liver and samsong whisky are just not good matches.


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