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Santa marta is a lovely beach town and felt very relaxed after Venezuela! We spent most of our time here relaxing, wandering around the market, and drinking mora y banano (raspberry and banana) juices that are delicious! Santa Marta is also known for its very cheap diving, so we organised a trip to Isla Morro and a nearby place where there is a wreck. The dive boat was a bit basic(!) and the crew was different: there were two boys helping their dad, and our guide. The diving was great tho: stunning corals, great visibility, and an incredible variety of fishes. We saw lobsters, eels, and some really weird looking fish that were very pretty. For the second dive Da stayed onboard warming in the midday sun (he settled on doing just one dive and was more relaxed because of it), while Tara and our dive guide went to explore the wreck. There were even more fishes - hundreds in the wreck. Tara saw some really amazing species that we didn't see on the first dive. We made it back by 1.30pm because the islands were quite close to the town, and were really happy with the diving: the boat might have been basic, but our guide from Atlantic Dives was great and didn't interfere with animal life (except for rescuing a puffer fish that was stuck in a coral chimney), and Da was a lot more confident (he let go of Tara's hand!).

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