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Ko Tao photos

Today the three of us started advanced bright and early. Our first dive was at 8:00am so we had to meet at the dive shop by 7:30am to pack our equipment. It was just us three and our instructor though which was awesome. We did a deep dive to start, going down to 30m. At the bottom we cracked open eggs and the yolks hold together because of the pressure, so we played a little ping pong. I dropped my yoke though when I saw a huge reef shark at least 6 feet long and pointed at it. Cindy is the only one who noticed.

We went up a bit to 18m where we saw another reef shark which was also pretty big. After that dive we had to wait an hour before doing our peak bouyancy dive. I spotted a moray eel sticking his big ugly head out of his hole while we were down at the bottom taking turns swimming through a hoop. I pointed him out to Cindy and then he tucked his head back in but the guys got in a little closer and saw it too.

We came back for a land break before heading out again with an underwater camera. That dive was pretty fun, trying to take pictures of fish. It isn't easy. The colours don't look great unless you really know what you are doing. Fortunately I have Photoshop so I'll see what I can do about that. We saw another eel and some pretty fish and may have gotten one or two decent pictures, but it may have been more fun taking photos of one another.

After three dives in one day we were pretty tired but we met up for dinner at the Hippo before going back to study. But I had too much to do, like trying to figure out where to go for my visa run, so I didn't get much reading in (yet again!)

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