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The Village

Being totally green in going in a RV, I decided first to explore around my base before going on a cross country trip.

I picked up my RV in Colton at Mike Thompson RV. After a tour of the RV, operating instructions from the technician ( DO LISTEN TO HIM !!!) which a listened casually because I was anxious to go. BIG Mistake.. I should have paid attention carefully, this would have avoid me certain mistakes and having to read the manuals.

Leaving the Dealer lot, I played a compilation of Songs that I put on a CD (On the Road again.. Yo el aventurero....Route 66...) had a big smile on mi face, felt like i would conquer the world and drove direction Lake Arrowhead. Arrived there it was the end of the day and of course no reservations in a park. Got permission from Security to stay overnight at the Factory Outlets Parking lot (there is 3 RV Parking space).

Took advantage of this stop to discover the operation of the different componants of the RV. I opened and closed the awning. Had a hard time to start the Generator, till i remembered to adjust it for 5000 ft altitude. It was a cool night, the Furnace worked perfectly and was in a cocoon. Was able to catch a TV channel but it was a religious channel and in spanish. Fortunately on the upper parking was a Super Market, got some food and 2 dvd. Had a soup and some chicken for the supermarket rotisserie with some salad. Watched a DVD (The Usual Suspect.. great Movie).. didn't took me long to feel really tired and off i went to bed. I had bought on the way up to lake Arrowhead at a mall a set of flannel bed sheets and a Polar blanket. Earlier I had made the bed, so i just had to dive into it and slept almost immediately.

Next Morning went to the Espresso Place, had my usual double exporesso, went back to the RV. Packed everything and was back on the road. On the way down the Mountain, the wind was blowing very strong. Suddenly i heard some noise and looking at the reqar view mirror i saw my Awning unfurling. I stopped as soon as i was able to park safely, climbed on the roof of the RV, rolled back the awning. Nothing damaged... I was lucky. I did forget to lock my awning, that is the reason why it unfurl. Should have listen carefully the technician.. he told me to secure the awning...

PS.: Photos are from Google Image _ I didn't take any photo this day

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