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Strange things happen while travelling. Rachel and I had spent two days in Tayrona National Park, sleeping in a tent at a campground. The campground has a communal shower with four showerheads side by side. While the overwhelming majority showered with their bathing suit on, a few went unclothed.

During one of my showers a sexy 20 year old girl, a gringa from Florida, gave us guys a nice show. She showered topless but also treated us all by pulling the bottoms to the side in order to meticulioiusly ... for lack of a better expression ... "shave her pussy". She seemed in no hurry to finish this, and, as I was next to her, we carried on a conversation during the whole ordeal.

In the background I heard some women saying things like "I can't believe she is doing that!", but I can't remember any of us boys complaining. Acutally, I cant remember much at all except watching her shave every stroke, the whole time trying not to "pitch a tent".

I even met some guys in Venezuela that heard stories of that when they were in Colombia. Travelling is a real blast.

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