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Up in the mountains of northern Thailand is a beautiful little town called Pie. I'd been hearing about it for a long time and I finally made it here. This is a highlight of Thailand, so make it to Pie if you can, before it turns into something less than it is now, due to it's growing notoriety.

Dylan and I shared a bungalow across the river by the bamboo bridge surrounded by the scent of ever-blooming flowers. We spent most days at The Good Life cafe where Constantine prepared wheat grass shots and the most delicious tea with painstaking care. I've never met someone with such clear eyes and he's so enthusiastic about tea that you can't help but share in his passion. Stop by and say, "Hello" and tell him Dylan and Sonny send their best.

At night, we sat around campfires and met great people who've been lucky enough to find the time to spend here soaking up the relaxing vibes. And you can play music here. There's live music everywhere - the streets, the clubs, the cafes and along the river which runs through the middle of town.

We hung out with an amazing young jedi named David from Canada. If you get there soon, look him up before he heads off to Nepal. He'll play you a song and flash his glowing smile your way.

Peace out

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