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A life-size model of the tomb



Very pretty pre-inca jewellery

A mummy

A very scary skull!

Museo Arqueologico Nacional Bruning

Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán which was designed to resemble the pyramids...

One of the Lord of Sipan's 6 earings (presumably he might want...

A statue showing the Lord of Sipan in the ceremonial dress he...

We spent a really interesting day in Chiclayo before our next night bus, visiting the museums in Lambayeque. We learned lots at the Museo Tumbas Reales De Sipan because Tara shamelessly trailed a Canadian tour (Da hid in embarrasement!). So here's today's lesson...

In 1987, Dr Walter Alva discovered the tomb of the Lord of Sipan, now acknowledged as one of the most important archaeological finds of the last century. The Lord of Sipan was an important figure in the Mochica culture, and his skeleton (which was buried in a wooden sarcophagus - a first in the Americas) was covered and surrounded by gold and silver jewellery (lots of it, including huge gold & turquoise earings, and tweezers - men plucked out their facial hair then!, and painful-looking nose clips that hid his mouth so no-one could tell how he was feeling - presumably not that tricky what with him being dead!)), weapons, armour and other objects. By his side were the skeletons of two young women (his concubines), a llama and a dog; at his feet was the skeleton of a young warrior with a golden shield; and at his head, his first wife. All of them were buried alive to keep him company. His tomb occupied one of three huge burial pyramids. The other two were excavated later and were found to contain the rich tombs of 'The Priest' and, confusingly, 'The Old Lord of Sipan'. The Old Lord's burial was much older than the 'Young' Lord of Sipan and shows that the site was in continuous use for centuries.

The Mercado Modelo was also fascinating - and the shamanistic herbs etc bit smelt incredible!

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