Bill and Lori's American Adventure - 2008 travel blog

SNOW, SNOW, and MORE SNOW, but Bill decided to drive anyway. Whiteouts, blowing snow, drifts on the highway. Figures the last day all the bad weather. I practically had to hang my head out the window like a dog, just to tell Bill where the snowbanks were! It was amazing though, once we crossed back into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie, the weather started to clear up. We arrived home around 5:00 p.m. Both houses still standing and clean. That's always a sign that they had a good time while we were gone. We certainly did cover a lot of ground, total logged kilometres: 13,642!!! Approximately $7,500.00 for 28 days of travel, including all we did, all we ate, all we gambled and were we slept, plus a little bit of shopping. The best part of all, we are STILL HAPPILY MARRIED! I was planning on being really creative and summarizing our trip in a poem, but not tonight.

Thanks for being a part of our Great American Adventure. Our next departure is expected early July and will be a little more permanent, we will be packing up and moving to British Columbia. Please come visit!

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