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The President's Palace, & changing of the guard (Francisco Pizarro┬┤s old house...

The beautiful Cathedral where Francisco Pizarro was buried (and Plaza de Armas...

In there is Francisco Pizarro's tomb









A painting of the Inca Lords and Spanish rulers


A painting of Leo

A painting of Capricorn

Ruins in the centre of Lima (Huaca Pucllana) - it is a...

Our couch surfing friend Mayte

Mayte took us to a nice pub in Barranco with her friend...




This museum houses pottery (with a special exhibition for erotic pottery!) and...

Pretty bouganvilla flowers at the museum

Moche gold-art



Chimu silver work

Chimu pottery on the left and Lambayeque on the right

Chancay pottery

Nazca pottery

A time line and full list of Pre-Inca civilizations in Peru





One of the few museums in the world that allows you entry...



Erotic art and pottery displayed many aspects of the lives of the...




This piece shows a man with a sexual related disease

Sea-bird pottery








The modern-day Congress building, next to the old congress / inquisition building

Torture devices used in the inquisition in Peru from 1570 - 1820

Underground passages leading to the cells where prisoners awaited judgement




The cross is a replica of the one placed there by Pizarro...

Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco

This is the room where where the educated would discuss topics of...

Below the church over 70000 people were buried!


The bones from the catacumbs were arranged by the archeologists

The oldest bell in Peru at the Iglesia de San Pedro

First church built in Lima in XVI century (Iglesia y Convento de...

Jose de San Martin who declared independence from Spain in 1821

As the word Spanish translation for flame has two meaning, sculptures decided...


Mayte and Luc getting ready for a wedding



We decided to come to Lima before visiting the Cordillera Blanca because we wanted to get the x-rays we need for our NZ visas sorted so we don't have to worry about them. We tried couchsurfing for the first time here, and were really lucky cos it meant that we got to meet Mayte, who made us feel really welcome in her home, took us out, made Lima generally less daunting - and became a friend (thanks Mayte!). Lima's roads are permanently car-park like, which makes it tricky to get around (no underground yet - it's been being built since the 80's), and since we had to keep getting to places that were far away from each other in our x-ray quest (which was successful - eventually!), our sight-seeing time was a bit limited! We did manage to see the changing of the guards (much high stepping!), the beautiful cathedral, and the amazing Larco museum, with its erotic pottery exhibition, and its open store rooms full (literally - packed shelves from ceiling to floor) of pottery, mostly from the Moche culture, depicting every kind of animal, type of person, and daily activity imaginable - Tara could have spent days in there! Before we left, we took ourselves on an extremely fast walking tour of the old city to see (at speed!) some of its many churches, including the oldest, and the Church and Convent of San Fransisco, with it's macarbre (and slightly smelly!) catacombs; the place which housed the inquisition in Peru - and congress(!), now a museum; and a statue with a llama on her head in the Plaza San Martin (no-one explained the slightly confusing llama-flame translation to the statue makers so they went with a llama!).

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