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This park holds remnants of the original wall built to protect Lima



Francisco Pizarro - this statue originally stood in the plaza but the...

China Town in Lima, this huge thing was donated by Taiwan

Da was born in the year of the monkey


Gi was born in the year of the dragon

The inquisition museum - the roof main from Cedar wood from Nicaragua...

A replica of the panel that decided if someone was guilty or...




The torture chamber below the museum



The underground passages where the jail cells were


Da being amazed by a skull and crossbones scratched into the wall

... and there's the skull graffiti

We travelled from Caraz to Nasca by night buses (saves on hostel costs!), and stopped in Lima for the day between buses. We decided to avoid Lima transport this time, and only go where we could walk(!) so we ended up having a very relaxed day having a better look at a couple of the sites in the old town that we'd zoomed through before (the San Fransisco church and monestary with its catacombs, and the inquisition museum), having lunch in China Town, and going to the cinema :)

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