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the view from our hotel

Kids in the streets of taganga at 6 am

On the scuba boat getting ready for a dive

I spent a lovely total of 6 days in Taganga, a small fishing village close to Santa Marta where Dad and i had spent a few days the week before. It was so tranquilo there. I signed up for scuba lessons the day after i got there and figured out that it was going to be no walk in the park. There was 3 hrs of video, a morning of training in the pool and then two 5 hr excursions on the boat that took us to 2 dive spots. Good god i was tired by the end of every one of those days. Not only that, i had to study for my PADI exam which would make me a certified diver. Do you realize that it's been 3 years since i've been out of school and i hate studying? Well, it was an awesome experience nonetheless. Being and breathing 12 m underwater is definitely a surreal experience. We saw lobsters, seahorses, eels and lots and lots of other fluorescent fish. The coral was also amazing. You'd think that with an average daily temperature of 33 degrees Celcius that you couldn't get cold but by the end of every dive i was freezing, a feeling i hadn't had since i started traveling (i know all you people back home are cursing me for saying that). We were discouraged from drinking at night so the night of the last dive, the bunch of us went out to El Garaje, the place to be on a wednesday night in Taganga. Holy crap whatta shitshow. Hippies everywhere, dancing their hippy faces off. Then on the beach was a group of hippies that had just returned from Cuidad Perdida, the Lost City trek that takes 6 days. They were all ready to riproar it up. By the time i made it to bed, i was pretty intoxicated and was that way for the most part of the next day. Whoops. I blame it on the decompression symptoms from diving... I had a mild aversion for alcohol for the next couple days and an aversion to food that lasted a day.

Oh did i mention the pimp hotel view that we had? Well, it was the best in Taganga, 4th floor, also the top, of a hotel with a private balcony with a hammock overlooking the water. That's where the pic was taken from. Not bad for 30 bucks a night eh?

i highly recommend this place, even for a couple days. It'll be my happy place to visit in my memories when i look back on this trip.


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