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Great stop on the way North. We would have liked to stop at Lassen Volcanic Park, but roads were still closed for the winter. The Lava Beds Nat Mon most semi-arid, but just to the East there are forests. There is a very abrubt change in the moisture and the vegetation. The main attraction at the Lava Beds are the lava tube caves. We went in 4 with bump cap and lights. You can explore on your own and you do feel alone. I know my light was well charged, but after a while you begin to realize that one light each for two people, means if your light fails, you are really trusting that other person. Believe me, your mind starts doing the reliability calculation and two lights for each person would be a lot better.

We have seen lava flows in Hawaii and lava coming out of tubes, but here in California, you get to walk in the lava tubes.

At the fourth cave, we arrived during a geology lecture for 6th graders. It was a very good presentation to help with the interpretation of the lava beds and the volcanoes in Oregon and Washington.

Later we visited Captain Jack's Stronghold (Modoc War in 1872/1873).

On the way North, we thought about following he route recommended by the Church's in

their well known RV book. However, our tire has arrived in Roseburg, OR, so we decide to get this detail performed. Night at Grant's Pass, OR.

Not sure if you will enjoy this humor, but when Linda and I were in Hawaii in 1988, I bought Mark Twain's Adventures in Hawaii. Then we traveled to Heidelburg, Germany and Eqypt, now in the Nortwest! Yes, you can read his stories of all these places. Sure is interesting to see how much is similar to his time.

Linda reminds me that I did not include comments on 25 April about two things...

1. We toured the Manzanar Camp, one of many camps used during World War II for detaining people of Japanese ancestry.

2. Near Lone Pine, California, our 2002 Dodge Dually turned 100,000.

Here are some stats:

We have been traveling for 23 days and it is 2265 miles from the start or about 100mi/day.

We have ferry reservations in Prince Rupert on 1 June, that is 30 days. We have 1465 miles to go or an average of about 48 mi/day for the next month.

Days with rain =1 Today

Days with snow =1 Today

Old Friends that we have stopped to see: 4

New Friends that we have met: 4

People that have been nice to us: 99.9999%

National Parks and Museums Visited: 10

We have worked on taking back roads. There are some motorcycle routes with good information. We traveled all the way through California without being on single express way.

Highest price paid for diesel: $4.89 at Death Valley.

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