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I started my dive class yesterday and what and experience that was! A friend of mine told me that all we needed to bring was a pen...turns out she was wrong. We were intended to do the swim test on the first day and I arrive with no suit. Luckily (or maybe not) they were fully equipped with wet suits and they had one just my size. What an exhausting stretch that was! These wet suits are meant for diving in rather cold water and here I was at the local swimming pool in this crazy suit. Aside from looking ridiculous, attempting 12 laps in this thing was intense. I'm no pro swimmer to begin with, but having a wetsuit dragging and restraining my movement was quite a workout. I did make it through and I am now on my way to being a certified diver (then I can dive with the sharks!!!!). The students in the class are from all over (USA, Netherlands, SA) and it is going to be great getting to know them all. We are going to be spending a lot of time together in the next several weeks. We have to be at the pool by 5:00am on Saturday and our first open water dive is on Sunday. That is it for now, take care!!

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