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Only 20 Rupees a pound Guv!

Do you think he's just sleeping darling.?

We had to include some cultural shots.. one of the Temples of...

Durbur Square, Patan - Mix of Hindu & Buddhists Temples, oh and...

Quarter of humbugs please..

Burning Ghat's at Pushpati (public cremations)

Representation of male & female organs,Pushpati.

Guess where we've been, look above my shoulder for a clue!

Busy streets of Kathmandu

I'm knackered...time for a kip..

Well after the initial shock of leaving the luxury and developed Dubai we had finally started the first leg of the world tour. The Upshall's had arrived in Nepal! If you have ever been to India or the Far East you can probably relate to the madness that descended on us when we exited the airport, hungover(Craig)from a night on the sauce in Doha(Qatar) at about 0900 and a million people shouting "'re you from, come with me I show you nice hotel, only $10" etc. So we jumped in the first cab and off we went through the mean streets of Kathmandu, where Cow's rule the road and nobody else really cares or even looks where they're going, MAD!

We arrived at the hotel and it was alright, I mean what do you expect for $10 a night..had a bed, toilet and's not until a couple of days later that you realise that we was robbed, much nicer places around and cheaper.! A learning experience, which beleive it or not we did learn from as we moved around.

We managed to perservere in Kat for about 5 days before it was time to leave and breath fresh air and have some peace and quiet, well there are only so many temples you can look at and so many guides to listen to.

What I have learnt is that when Tracey doesn't understand something someone is saying, or isn't really interested she says "Really, hmm or that's nice" Depends on the situation really.

Anyway enough chat, take a look at the piccies and this will give you a taster for life in the city. Just one phrase to bear in mind that we have taken from Kathmandu "Looking is free"

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