Chuck & Kay Alaska Summer 2008 travel blog

Camp from the Lake

Cleaning the rig in Tok

End of the Alaska Highway in Delta Junction

Three generations of Alaska oil pipline

Pipeline crossing

Other wedding guests - view from our dining room window

Kay & our youngest nephew Braeden

Cousins playing in the lake (Emma & Shelby)

Trip to the University of Alaska Large Animal Research Station - groom's...

Musk Ox at LARS, U of AK

Our #1 grandchild Audrey with musk ox horn

Our #3 grandchild Ava at LARS

Our #2 & #3 grandchildren (Emma & Ava) at LARS

#1 nephew Shelby at LARS

#1 niece Mattie at LARS

Our oldest daughter Joanne & family (Toben, Audrey & Emma) with Susan...

Our youngest daughter Kristen & family (Wade, Ava & Tyson)

Boarding the Riverboat Discovery

Bush plane taking off on the Chena River

Susan Butcher's husband at their sled dog kennel

Sled dog puppies

Bush pilot landing on river sand bar


River powered salmon trap

Athabascan parka

Ava & sled dogs

Jessie Royer's sled dogs (7 time Iditarod participant)

Audrey with Susan Butcher's husband autographing book

Emma wants to camp in the trapper's cabin

Ready for lunch at our children's rental house

University of Alaska Museum - similar to the new Denver Art Museum...

Granddaughter Emma at the University of Alaska Museum

Mattie ("Miss Tootsie") Crosby (1884-1972) - Black miner & brothel madam of...

Wednesday, June 18th, Twin Bears Camp, near Faribanks, AK

Our fuel stop in TOK ($5.25/gallon) had a free car was with fill-up. You just turned on the switch & washed until done with cold water & no soap. Even with low pressure, I got the worst mess off the trailer. We made Eielson AFB by lunchtime and raced the Thunderbirds to the Commissary, the BX, the gas station, and the FAM CAMP to dump tanks and fill the water tank. We’re dry camping at Twin Bears Camp for our niece’s wedding on the 21st; departing on Sunday, June 22nd.

Twin Bears Camp is a state park facility located at milepost 30 on Chena Hot Springs Road, about 35 miles east of Fairbanks. It is on a small secluded lake in a rustic, woodland setting within the Chena River State Recreation Area. Twin Bears Camp is currently managed by Fairbanks Rescue Mission Ministries.

Thursday, June 19th, Twin Bears Camp, near Fairbanks, AK

Friday, June 20th, Twin Bears Camp, near Fairrbanks, AK

We rose early this morning to join all our children and grandchildren for a ride on the Riverboat Discovery. Of course we expected the typical touristy commentary and jokes, but were pleasantly surprised during the 3 ½ hour trip. As the photos show, we first saw a float plane land and take off twice on the Chena River next to both sides of our riverboat, then a stop at Susan Butcher’s cabin for her husband to give a talk about their Iditarod training, (she won the race 4 times and died of cancer just a few years ago), then to a re-created Athabascan village with excellent narrations about their life.

Later that afternoon we visited the University of Alaska Museum – presentations of both natural history and art.

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