At The Canadian Border

The Little Town Of Didsbury

Geocache Hidden In Flowers Under A Board :-)

Our First Geocache For Canada

Field Of Wildflowers In Our Campground

Our Site Didsbury, Alberta, Canada

We are staying at the Rosebud RV Park in Didsbury, Alberta. We came through customs without any problems at all. He asked for our passports, then our tag number for the coach and asked if we had any alcohol with us and we said no, he asked if we had any tobacco and we said no and then he said go and have fun. It took about two minutes total and he was as nice as could be.

We are only stopping for one night to rest but we did get to go and visit the little town of Didsbury and we got our first Canadian geocache. It was out in the country on a dirt road with tons of wild flowers and was just hidden under a board. Not the most scenic geocache we have done but we are very happy to have our first Canadian one.

The Rosebud Campground charged us $25 for the site with only electric hookup and no water. It is a beautiful site with almost no one in the campground near us. The wild flowers are blooming all over and Canada is so green and beautiful. We had originally planned to stop in Calgary but when we got there it was like New York City to us so we went right on by. :-) We enjoy the little towns where the traffic is easy and we can relax. We are on our way to Dawson Creek with at least one more stop on the way. More from Canada later.

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