Gloria At Dawson Creek Alaska Highway

Alaska Hotel Dawson Creek BC

Jerry At The Famous Alaska Highway Sign

Our Campsite Northern Lights Dawson Creek

Alaska Here We Come!!

Art Gallery Dawson Creek

We arrived in Dawson Creek, BC on Friday, June 6th. We are staying at the Northern Lights RV Park with full hook with Wifi and cable TV for the Good Sam rate of $28.50. The first night they put us in a tiny spot that was awful. I still don't know how Jerry got our coach in that tiny spot. You could put your arms out the window and touch the next RV. Thank goodness they moved us to a larger site the next day. This place is packed. We see more people coming in all the time and now they are having to send them to other campgrounds.

We found out today that another RV Park called Mile O is right around the corner and almost empty. We just didn't know until after being set up here. I had read about it in our new friends, Gordon & Juanita's journal Seeing The USA In Our Chevrolet but for some reason I thought it was way down the road. We also had a bad day on the way here. We passed a truck and a rock came flying that sounded like a bullet and hit the windshield right in the middle of Jerry's side. It made a hole about the size of a pea. When we checked in at Northern Lights Jerry was telling them about it and a man working at the campground said he could fix it. He came right over and it's perfect now for the cost of $35. We are so happy he was there and he did an awesome job. I have heard all the stories about flying rocks and cracked windshields but it usually happens after you get here, not on the way. :-)

We have had a great three days here and plan to leave in the morning. We did get to do a bit of geocaching but they were extremely hard to find here. We only found two and I had 8 set up. Their rating of 1 for easy should have been rated at least a 4 in our country. ;-) After trying for 6 and only finding one we finally lucked up and found one easy one at the bottom of a Canadian Flag pole. We quit at two and are happy as a beaver to have those. One guy even wrote that he had added a $100 bill to the cache. Jerry would not give up on that one and he finally got it and his FAKE Monopoly Canadian $100 bill. :-) Enough said about geocaching but just know we really EARNED these two.

We drove out to a birding area today called McQueen's Slough. It had a very nice boardwalk with tons of birds nesting in boxes. Some were the size of bluebirds and others were huge, most likely for ducks. It was a cool place to visit and Ollie enjoyed the long nature walk. I am still looking up the birds I saw to verify them. We picked up a guide for the birds here at the visitor's center and it helps a lot. They have over 100 species of birds in the slough with a lot of them being water birds. We enjoyed it much and would highly recommend it to other bird lovers.

We are so excited to be on Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. We are planning to take our time and enjoy every minute of it. We will stop when we see something that excites us and go when we tire of it. We have no set plans except to go and enjoy. We are having the time of our life and would wish this life on all our readers. More later from wherever we decide to stop. :-) I had a lot more pictures to add but it's way too slow right now. I will add more later so please check back.

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