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Enroute from Kathmandu to Pokhara

Local traffic in Pokhara

I think he's just cut my ear off Tracey...!!!!

Lake Fewa, Pokhara

Had to do some work one day...rowing my wife across the lake.!

Washing day on Lake Fewa, Pokhara.

Wide Eyed and bushy tailed..

Stunning scenery!

Glad I'm a bloke..costs half as much as a sit down!

Hooray.. after all the bloody Maoists strikes and $100 later we finally made it to Pokhara, place of peace and quiet.

A bit of political background, before we go on. The day before we arrived in Nepal there was a Coup when the King sacked the Government of Nepal and assumed over all control of the country. The King in his wisdom closed down all communications, both domestically and internationally for the next 8/9 days, so no internet access, no news nothing. So that's the King, then the Maoist rebels decide to impose strikes on all major transport routes from Kathmandu and all cities, so no-one can enter the highways, through fear of being shot or blown up, or having their vehicles conviscated. Nightmare situation.

So all tourists are stuck in various parts of the country with the only option of transport being air. So instead of paying $12 for a 6 hour coach ride we pay $50 each for a 20 minute flight, yeah sounds nicer, but when on a budget not condusive to saving money. So now you know in a nutshell the situation in Nepal.

Back to Pokhara, fab place, peaceful, fresh air and sunny all the time pretty much. Bit like Blackpool though, lots of bars and trekking shops selling fake North Face equipment, but very cheap. The only thing missing is the tourists, honestly it's like a ghost town at night, a handful of westerners knocking around the bars and restaurants, hotels are empty, we are the only guests in ours.!

A fantastic location with the wonderful backdrop of the mountains and the huge Lake infront, with lots of activities to boot.

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