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Yes I know, I look like a total knob, but it was...

Another exciting form of transport for Tracey's nerves to deal with..

Another busy day in Jomsom, traffic was murder.!

The town's just the other side of the mountain chaps.! No joke...

Nearly there..still smiling.

Our new friends of the mountains

Just some of the spectacular scenery.

Hooray only another 7 days and 5 hours!

I told you to leave them alone, "Oh OK then".

Are you following me freak.?

One of many Gorges to navigate through.

Another Mule train with the haunting bells.!

Poor old boy..

Waiting for the donkey train to cross the suspension bridge.

Do I really have to walk up there..?

Kaladaniki? River..

View from our bedroom at Tatopani.

The beautiful flora of the Himalayas

Tatopani Hot Springs...absolute heaven....


Of course it's safe!

A little hard on the knee's

Ever wondered how these things got to the villages.?

Celebrating the end of the trek with our new "Friends"

Wow, what an experience. Have you ever felt pain like we have?

Well, as well as through the high's and low's of the Himalayas we also experienced the high's and low's of our own ability, under pain and dillusion we finally completed the 8 day Jomsom Trek.

Magnificent scenery, location and fantastic walking, just those blisters..those bloody blisters.

As you will see from the photo's the scenery was spectacular and ever changing, by the day if not by the hour, from coldness to summer sunshine.

I do beleive that for us mere mortals this was the most physically challenging week we have ever been through and the trekking agency has the gaul to tell us that this was a moderate route, yeah really! Maybe for the donkeys, but not for the dainty feet of the Londoners, whose longest walk was always met by at least a couple of pints before moving to the next pub.

Anyway we had a guide and porter(thank god), but wouldn't necessarily recommend a guide to accompany you, just a porter with guide experience is ample. They were entertaining at some points, especially if you put a bottle of Apple Brandy in front of them both.

A magnificent experience and we would definately recommend this to anybody, just make sure your feet are bathed in vinegar for a couple of weeks first.!

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