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These burnt trees have been there since 1958!!!

An historic bridge driving through the Yukon

Steve being a the sign!

The mountains rising above the clouds...awesome

Seem to be driving past water all the time...lovely!

The light on the mountains looked a bit eerie

I just love cloud formations!!!

Light at 11.30pm and we are heading north so even lighter then!

The car got a bit dirty!!

So that's why the roads are so uneven!!

At last....

GG and Sally...a bit dirty but in Alaska!

Great doing the touristy thing when only ones there...mind you it was...

The clock actually says 1.05am

And in Alaska it was only 12.05am...early then!! Nobody waiting to go...

Alaskan roads are GREAT!!! Not all like this though!!

The mountains truly are amazing

Ok, so yesterday was great but unbelievably, today was even better! We saw a GRIZZLY BEAR!!! It was so exciting but I’ll start at the beginning. Yesterday, we joined the Alaska Highway from the Cassier Highway. Now, the Alaska Highway was built by American Troops with help from Canadian and American citizens, between March and October 1942. It took them 8 months to lay nearly 1600 miles of road. It would be difficult to do a quality job and boy can you tell!!!! That is perhaps a little unfair…for the most part the road was ok, especially up to Whitehorse but we were a little disappointed that we didn’t see any wildlife except for the Kamikaze Swallows (two of which we killed!) They just fly right at the RV and end up dead or with a very bad headache! We drove through Whitehorse and then Steve decided that it was early so let’s just drive on to Haines Junction as we can stop at Whitehorse on the way back. So…we drove through Haines Junction and Destruction Bay and I could see Steve was on a mission so we just kept on driving. Instead of Run, Forrest, Run, it was Drive, Stevie, Drive! Then, just as we were feeling tired and a little disheartened at the lack of wildlife, a bald eagle flew overhead, just skimming the tops of the trees. I tried to get a photos but it was too hard out of the window. Then we saw it again and as I watched out of the passenger side, it flew to it’s nest and so I saw it sitting in it’s nest, aimed the camera…and…we passed a tree! So I have a good picture of a bald eagle in its nest behind a tree!!! In other words, I have a good photo of a tree!! Still we were refueled by this wildlife sighting and even more so when we saw something crossing the road, slowed down and then realized it was a porcupine! We waited while it scurried across the road and carried on. This is fun. We were having a great time and by now had been on the road over 13 hours. The next thing brings me back to the beginning because…we saw a grizzly bear at the side of the road!!! It was awesome. He was a little more shy than the black bears but he did look at us before turning round and wandering into the trees. I got a picture of his bottom but that’s it. Don’t care though, because we saw one!! We were happy so we decided that we would just park up in a rest area like so many other RV’ers had done and then cross the US border in the morning but no…on we drove to the border. I had contributed about an hour’s driving to the trip!!! Steve was like a man possessed. Must drive further! We got to the Alaska border at 1.05am, stopped and took the expected touristy photos. Better really because during the day there would have been lots of people around and at 1.05am we were the only ones there and it was still light!! Great guy at customs, took our passports and vehicle registration then came back and said we could go through but we had a bit of a chat with him first as he was quiet and then on we drove. I think we went about another 15 miles before we found a rest area and pulled over for the night. Jacks down, bedroom slide out, a couple of tots of whisky later and at about 3am we went to bed. We had been on the road since 8.45am which made it a total of 18 and a quarter hours!! I should note though that in this I have not mentioned how appalling the roads were. Some stretches were fine but others were so bumpy and uneven due to frost heaves that we rolled from side to side and shook about rather a lot. They are trying to improve them and all along the route we kept encountering construction crews but it was still a little slow going and in some places just a gravel surface. So worth it though. I mean we knew about he road conditions before we came and it seems a bit silly when people complain because they choose to come and visit Alaska. We just slowed down and took our time. Anyway…an absolutely AWESOME day! Long but wonderful!

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