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The Zebra that graze near my school

Sundowners with the Wine Society

The sun goes down, the lights come up and the wine flows

Simons first dive spot

Our dive site

getting prepared for my first open water dive

Just let me in the water!!!

One of my dive buddies Gabriel

For those of you that are unsure, it is late summer-early fall here. Yes I know I am being spoiled. No winter for a year!!! The weather is beautiful...perfect for my labs, which are usually outside. Today we are going to check out the zebras that graze along the side of our school and talk about the effects the grazing has on the land. I am going to be working on a report on the condition of the environment, I will be sure to forward it to anyone that is interested. I have only been in classes for a week, so I don't know too much about things (concerning the environment) around here yet, but I am learning. I will keep you updated. Some of the big problems that we have been talking about include the water crisis and sustainable development (sustainable development is development 'that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs). Also, the problem of grey water from people washing their clothes or doing dishes and such. This is quite and issue because the townships really lack appropriate plumbing. We have been talking about the importance of sustaining not only the immediate environment but also the world as a whole. We discussed the problem of justice vs. conservation. If you are arguing that all people should be allowed equal opportunity to the benefits of development, you must also argue against the conservation of animals and land etc. If you argue for conservation of land you must also then argue against the development of 3rd world countries. There needs to be a happy medium. (Good enough for now Dr. Anderson??)

On Friday I had my first meeting with the wine society. It was really nice. We met at Jammie plaza for sundowners and were taught a few things about the wine. I enjoyed three different wines and bread as the sun dropped behind Table Mountain and the lights of the city began to glow. This Friday I we will be introduced to the Cape whites. They are also offering a weeklong course that I am seriously considering. I am beginning to feel rather cultured.

I had my first open water dive on Sunday... I absolutely loved it! I saw so much wildlife I could not get enough. My dive master saw me having a staring contest with a fish and decided I needed to be taken to a sunken barge where copious amounts of fish like to hang out. It was unbelievable. I got to see tons of fish, a box jelly, a nudibranch, and two octopi. I have a whole new world of animals to explore. Diving is unbelievable, it really is like flying. The feeling of being so weightless is like nothing I have ever felt. It is one thing to swim around while holding your breath, but to be free to be under for such an extended amount of time is fantastic. It was great to do somersaults and swim upside down while everyone else was doing their tests, though I felt like a bit of a clown.

I would be much obliged it if someone would keep me informed on the current events back home. What is going on the States???? I know you are all very busy, but it would be great if someone could keep me updated. What is going on in the news? It is hard to get any decent information over here via TV or the papers and I spend my computer time writing to you folks. So please, someone, anyone update me!!!

Ok that's it for now. Take care and enjoy some decent Mexican food for me... I have been having some serious cravings.

Cheers, Sara

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