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We ran into an Aussie (Luke) in the train station at Zargreb who was travelling with a guy from Japan (Akira). We all jumped on the train and ended up in Ljublijana and found the youth hostel was way over priced. We all headed to the tourist information and managed to get a small appartment all together for cheaper than crappy dorm beds!

So settling in to the sounds of greenday on the Tv and Luke's ass we all headed into the town to check it out.

The town is beautiful. Nice and evenly paced with a snow covered castle on the hill and lots of smiles all around from the locals. English is spoken extremely well and beer costs €2 for a half litre and macedonian wine costs €1 for a litre!!

Kirsty once again got to placate her chocolate monster with the execellent hot chocolate they make here. It is like thick hot chocolate mousse and she eats it with a spoon.

The following day we all (or three of us because Akira would walk under a bus if we said it was fun :-))decided to hire a car for €24 and head to a town called Bled about 60klms and half way to the Austrian border. It was a beautiful little out of the way ski/lake resort and the first opportunity for me to drive on the right hand side of the road.

It scared the crap out of me the first time a car came bounding around the corner straight at us. Also trying to put your hand through the door every time you need to change gears gets painful after a while.

So we went and toured a few frozen lakes which are quite specatacular, then took a huge walk up a snow covered hill slipping on ice the whole way.

We got some really good photos and finished off by taking a drive throught the narrow streets of the country side. No signs, no speed limit and no room to pass all the buses that come along.

Another night spent in Ljubliana and getting to know the locals was partially destroyed by an aussie we nùmet. He was rude, opiniated and loud. No it was not some kind of èschitzophrenic scrooge event and even I am an agel compared to this guy.

Kirsty and I ressurected the night by leaving the bar and having a snowball fight with each other and then some croatian teenagers.

And so it is off to Venice, the town of canals, gonoùdolas and 7 euro cappucinnos!

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